Database of properties for steel and alloy materials worldwide.


GB standards for steel materials, Chinese (GB) standard specifications

This group of Chinese (GB) standard specifications covers carbon and alloy steel plates and forgings used in boilers and pressure vessels, high-strength low-alloy steels, heat-treatable steels, hot and cold-rolled plates for cold forming, steels for concrete reinforcement and prestressed concrete and the properties for railway service rails and accessories.
Standards for various types of steel pipe which specify requirements for high-temperature service, ordinary use, and special applications such as fire protection use, are also presented. Specifications for steel tubes list standard requirements for boiler and superheater tubes, general service tubes, still tubes in refinery service, heat exchanger and condenser tubes, mechanical and structural tubing. Steel casting specifications call out the standard properties for pressure purposes.

Chinese standards on steel materials

GB/T 700-2006
Carbon structural steels

GB/T 912-1989
Hot-rolled plain carbon and low alloy structural steel sheets and strips

GB/T 1591-1994
High strength low alloy structural steels

GB/T 3274-1988
Carbon structural and low alloy steel rolled plates and strips

GB/T 4171-2000
Superior atmospheric corrosion resisting structural steel

GB/T 4172-2000
Atmospheric corrosion resisting steel for welded structures

GBT 5313-1985
Steel plate with through-thickness characteristics

GB/T 8162-1999
Seamless steel tubes for structural purposes

GB/T 13304-1991
Steels – Classification

GB/T 15574-1995
Steel products classification and definitions
YB 4104-2000 Steel plates for high rise building structure
 Group of standards for structural and constructional steels
GB 699-88 Quality carbon steels
GB 700-88 Carbon steels
GB 701-91 Hot-rolled carbon steel wire rods
GB 713-86 Plates for boilers
GB 1222-84 Spring steels
GB 1300-77 Welding filler materials for carbon and alloy steels
GB 1499-84 Reinforcing bars for concrete
GB 1591-88 Low alloy structural steels
GB 2517-81 Sheets and strips for structure
GB 3077-88 Alloy steels
GB 3203-82 Bearing steels for case hardening
GB 3273-89 Plates for automobile structural uses
GB 3275-91 Hot-rolled quality carbon steel plates
GB 3423-82 Drill tubes
GB 3522-83 Cold rolled carbon steel strips
GB 3530-83 Steel strip for springs
GB 3531-83 Plates for pressure vessels for low temperature service
GB 4171-84 Superior weathering steels
GB 4172-84 Atmospheric corrosion-resisting steels for welded structure
GB 4358-84 Piano wire
GB 4360-84 Spring steel wire
GB 4463-84 Prestressed concrete steel
GB 5067-85 Alloy steel sheets
GB 5216-85 Structural steels with specified hardenability bands
GB 5218-85 Alloy steel wires for springs
GB 5220-85 Valve spring wire
GB 5221-85 Valve spring wire
GB 5310-85 Seamless steel tubes for high pressure boiler
GB 5676-85 Carbon cast steels
GB 5680-85 High manganese cast steels
GB 5953-86 Carbon steels wires for cold heading
GB 5954-86 Alloy steel wires for cold heading
GB 6478-86 Steels for cold heading
GB 6479-86 Seamless steel tubes for equipment of chemical industry for high pressure service
GB 6653-86 Sheets for welded gas cylinders
GB 6654-86 Plates for pressure vessels
GB 7101-91 Hot-rolled quality carbon steel sheets and strips
GB 8162-87 Seamless steel tubes
GB 8163-87 Seamless steel pipes
GB 8731-88 Free cutting steels
GB 9947-88 Arc welded steel tubes for drive axle
GB 9948-88 Seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking
GB 11251-89 Alloy steel plates
GB 13237-91 Cold rolled quality carbon steels sheets and strips


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