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ASTM A387 Grade 11: Chemical Composition, Properties, Equivalent grades


The ASTM A387 specification is the Standard Specification for Pressure Vessel Plates, Alloy Steel, Chromium-Molybdenum intended primarily for use in welded boilers and pressure vessels designed for elevated temperature service.

Chrome Molybdenum steel plate, also known as Chrome Moly, is a versatile material widely used in various industries, including the oil and gas industry, nuclear industry, and fossil fuel power stations. The addition of molybdenum in the alloy composition enhances its strength and enables it to withstand higher working temperatures, while the presence of chromium enhances its corrosion resistance and resistance to oxidation.

The superior temperature tensile strength and anti-corrosive properties of Chrome Moly make it an ideal choice for applications involving saltwater exposure.

Equivalent steel grades

ASTM A387 Grade 11 equivalent steel grades:





UK (British Standard)




EN 10028



A387 Grade 11

SA387 Grade 11



Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of AISI A387 grade 11 alloy steel is as follows:

Element Content (%)

Iron, Fe 96.16-97.6

Chromium, Cr 1.0-1.50

Silicon, Si 0.50-0.80

Manganese, Mn 0.40-0.65

Molybdenum, Mo 0.45-0.65

Carbon, C 0.050-0.17

Phosphorous, P 0.035

Sulfur, S 0.035

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of AISI A387 grade 11 alloy steel are as follows:

Tensile strength 515-690 Mpa/ 74700-100000 psi.

Yield strength 310 Mpa/ 45000 psi.

Rupture strength (@575 °C, time 3.60e+8 sec/1070 °F, time 100000 hour) 37.0 - 48.0 Mpa/ 5370 - 6960 psi

Elastic modulus 190-210 Gpa/ 27557-30458 ksi.

Poisson's ratio 0.27-0.30.

Elongation at break (In 50 mm) 22.00%.


ASTM A387 Grade 11 steel is characterised by good weldability. ASTM A387 Grade 11 steel is used for manufacturing boilers, pressure vessels and pipes for the transportation of hot liquids. ASTM A387 Grade 11 steel also offer good properties at high and low temperatures. ASTM A387 Grade 11 steel is always supplied in the normalised and tempered condition.

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