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Steel grades of 18CrNiMo7-6

18CrNiMo7-6 is a case-hardening steel known for its exceptional toughness. There are several variants of this steel that have stringent cleanliness requirements and possess narrower composition ranges compared to the standard version. 
One specific variant, designated as IQ (isotropic quality), is produced to have an extremely low number of elongated sulfide inclusions, resulting in more isotropic properties. The high level of oxidic cleanliness in this variant allows it to meet the same demanding cleanliness standards as re-melted qualities.

Grade 159A: This variant has a low sulfur content and is designed to meet high cleanliness requirements.

Grade 159B: This variant has controlled sulfur content, ensuring consistent machinability and +H hardenability.

Grade 159Q: This variant offers isotropic properties (IQ) and improved fatigue strength due to higher cleanliness levels. It also exhibits a finer size and distribution of non-metallic inclusions.

Grade 159X: Similar to Grade 159B, this variant has controlled sulfur content for consistent machinability and +H hardenability.

Grade 159S: This variant has an increased sulfur content.

Grade 4761 (MoCN216): This is a low-sulfur variant of Imatra steel, offering specific characteristics.

IQ-Steel® is an isotropic quality ultra-clean steel optimized for high fatigue strength under multi-axial loading.

Similar designations
1.6587, AISI4820, DIN17CrNiMo6, 18CND6, EN ISO 683-17

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