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Chemical composition, mechanical properties of A890 grade 5A

A890 5A is a casting specification for duplex stainless steel. The A890 specification covers various grades of duplex stainless steel castings for use in corrosive environments and applications requiring high strength. 
Equivalent grades of A890 5A
ASTM: A890 5A
ASME: SA890 5A
AISI: 2507
UNS - Cast: J93404
UNS - Wrought: S32750

Chemical Composition:
The chemical composition of A890 5A typically includes the following elements:

Carbon (C): 0.03% maximum
Silicon (Si): 1.00% maximum
Manganese (Mn): 1.50% maximum
Phosphorus (P): 0.04% maximum
Sulfur (S): 0.03% maximum
Chromium (Cr): 24.0-26.0%
Nickel (Ni): 4.5-6.5%
Molybdenum (Mo): 2.0-3.0%
Nitrogen (N): 0.20-0.35%
Copper (Cu): 0.50% maximum

Mechanical Properties:
The mechanical properties of A890 5A are dependent on factors such as heat treatment and casting process. The following values are typical for A890 5A in the annealed condition:

Tensile Strength: 725-850 MPa (105-123 ksi)
Yield Strength: 485-550 MPa (70-80 ksi)
Elongation: 20% minimum
Hardness: 290 maximum (HBW or Brinell hardness)

Key features of A890 grade 5A

Superb resistance to stress corrosion cracking (sometimes referred to as SCC) in chloride-bearing environments.
Excellent resistance to crevice corrosion and pitting.
High resistance to general corrosion.
Good weldability
Physical properties which offer advantages in terms of design.
High resistance to erosion corrosion and corrosion fatigue.
Very high mechanical strength.

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